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About Us - Gate Repair Hermosa Beach

Taking time out of your already busy life to deal with home repair and upkeep is a lot to deal with for most people, not to mention when something actually goes really wrong.  That’s why “Gate Repair Hermosa Beach” is the place to go – we’ll take the problem right out of your hands and deal with it with our trademark brand of professionalism and industry know-how.  Our company has been a fixture in the area for many years, and we’re known as the number one place to go for any and all kind of gate service.

About Us - Gate Repair Hermosa Beach

The most frequent kind of job we do is routine maintenance service.

  Gates have a lot of moving parts, and they need regular treatment and upkeep to stay healthy and working correctly.  Small parts rub up against each other, and things like springs and rollers need to be well lubricated.  It takes an expert from our company to do the job, and that’s a service we can easily provide if you call us to schedule a regular checkup.  We’ll also test your multicode remote for the myriad electrical problems that can crop up with such a device.

We also specialize in 24/7 emergency service.  Often, a system will break down at the most inconvenient time possible.  Late at night, or just before you leave for work, or the afternoon before an important dinner party are just some of the times that it would be a huge problem to have your system suddenly stop working.  That’s why we’re open all day, every day.  You can all us at midnight and we’ll have you up and running in time for work the next morning.

Having been in the business for many years, we know the area and the customer base well.  Gate Repair Hermosa Beach has a reputation for excellence that we stand by.  Check out our website to find out more.

Overhead gate spring replacement

Our specialists replace and install overhead gate springs with attention. We are knowledgeable of overhead gates and the importance of springs for their proper movement and so we hurry to help out customers, who need overhead gate spring replacement. Springs can be replaced before or after they snap. In either case, our competence to replace the spring efficiently is guaranteed. We are trained professionals, travel with the right tools in our trucks and make sure springs are replaced properly. Our response is fast and we can also order the new spring replacement for you. We are cautious when we remove the current spring and even more careful when we install the new one. People can count on us for fast replacement and also our excellent work.

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