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The best answers to your questions on gate repairs and door maintenance are all here. Learn more about motors, how keypads and intercoms work and why they are valuable to your security.

I am planning to have an automatic gate; are there permits that I have to get?

In installing gates utmost care should be observed. Specialists at Gate Repair Hermosa Beach advise to secure permits for fire, electrical and traffic. Get electrical permit to ensure that the wirings are done and connected properly and safely, and permit from the fire department to make sure that there are no fire hazards. Make sure too that there would not be any traffic obstructions.

How are gates powered or operated?

There are different kinds of gates and they are operated differently as well. Gates are powered in several ways. Some are manually operated where a person opens and closes the gates. Others are powered by a gate key system or operated with the use of remote controls or keypads. These devices make use of codes for easy access. With modern technology gates are now operated through a computer device being operated remotely.

How does a keypad gate opener work?

A keypad gate opener works on the basis of special codes that allow access to the driveway when the code is input into the system. Our professionals at gate repair Hermosa Beach advise homeowners to service the gate opener keypad regularly for it to function well.

How do phone enter systems work?

Gate phone enter systems are practical, especially for big buildings with many tenants according to our specialists in Hermosa Beach. They allow you to have personal codes and each tenant will be able to have full communication with visitors. These systems are usually manufactured to accommodate thousands of tenants.

Should gates swing inward or outward?

For most gate professionals in Hermosa Beach, a gate that swings inward or into the property is more preferable. This is not related to any sort of belief or custom. It is about practicality. Gates that swing out may inconvenience pedestrians on sidewalks, especially when doing gate repairs. However, there are instances when gates that swing out are the only viable option.

Should I get a swing or a sliding gate?

Deciding on the type of your gate mostly depends on the layout of your driveway. Since in swing gates the doors open both inwards and outwards, they is recommended for houses with large entry space. On the other hand, sliding gates require that you have straight adjacent walls so that the door can slide back and rest parallel to the wall during the opening operation. One should also consider other parameters like cost, design, ease of operation, maintenance requirement, etc.

Why are gates affected by weather?

Materials need treatment when they're constantly exposed to all weather conditions. Our specialists explain that gates endure sun, rain, dust and winds 24/7. Steel gets oxidized after prolonged periods of being exposed to oxygen and wood tends to warp in wet regions due to its property to lose water.

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