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Clever ideas of how to fix driveway gates!

Read here the best tips and maintain them properly.

How to avoid gate problems

The most usual gate problems would relate to the opener and material. Don't forget that your wrought iron gates are exposed to the weather conditions at all times but the security of your home in Hermosa Beach depends extensively on their condition. Gate repair is your priority but you must also maintain the whole mechanism often and apply overlays to keep the material resistant and durable.

Replacing the existing gate

If you are planning to replace the existing gate, make sure you choose strong wrought iron gates with modern automatic residential gate openers. It is significant to think ahead whether you will need to make some construction work beforehand to meet the current requirements of your family. If you got a bigger car or want to make some changes, it's better to do them before new gate installation.

Why should I get an electric gate?

If you are planning new gate installation, it's better to get an automatic one to avoid the trouble of opening and closing it manually. That's the prime advantage of electric gates and it doesn't only relate to the convenience of automatic functions but, mainly, to your safety. A gate clicker or keypad would allow you to have easy access to your property, without running the risk of staying out in the dark on your own.

Research when necessary

Having doubts on driveway gate care and repair could lead to improper use, handling, and maintenance. If you find yourself in such a situation, refer to the manual and professional help. According to our experts, proper maintenance is key to maximizing the working life of your gate. A quick research goes a long way.

Advantages of using a wooden gate

Although metal gates are less expensive compared to wooden gate, most people still prefer wood gates because it has an earthy and natural look. However, wood is very thick and heavy and its installation must be done by professionals like us.

Have a slow moving gate checked

If your gate is moving slowly, it could be a loose chain, broken wheel, damaged bearing, or even insufficient grease. Call us if you need any assistance.

Check the viewing angle when buying a video intercom for your gate

With a larger viewing angle, you will be able to see more of the space in front of your gate. This will give you better access control and greater security. When choosing a large angle, make sure that this is not at the expense of lower image quality. You should know that clarity, color and details are key.

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