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How to Choose the Best Automatic Gates

11/12/2013 Back To Blog

When considering automatic gates for your home or business, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the choice and availability of different models and kits. These ranges have been developed to allow greater flexibility to suit gate opener installation regardless of the property circumstances.


There are three basic types of models which are best suited to particular property attributes.

• Swing models are the usually the cheapest options as they use one or two panels and have the opening mechanisms attached to the swing gate hinges. There is a wide variety of choice in style, material and design however, they are only suited to driveways which are reasonably flat and have enough clearance space to allow the gates to fully swing open.

• Sliding models are available in a variety of designs including solid sliding gates. These move on a track by way of sliding gate rollers and perform well even on driveways with steep inclines or restricted clearance space.

• Lifting models are excellent for driveways with very minimal clearance space. The roll up gates requires virtually no clearance space which makes them ideally suited for very urbanized areas.

There is also a great selection of materials for your chosen gates. Traditionally iron was usually used, but there are now alternative materials such as aluminum and wood. Aluminum is considerably more lightweight and durable requiring less powerful openers and less maintenance, while wooden options can look more suited to certain types of homes and properties.

Additional Features:

There are also additional features which may be incorporated into your choice of opener. These can include security cameras, voice intercoms, security keypad entry and automated entry for recognized vehicles. These features may add to the overall cost of the system, so your budget may prove to be the deciding factor.

It is worth while taking a little time to research your potential options. Your property has unique requirements, so by considering these factors you can ensure you find the best automated gates for you.

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